Tara Claire Memery Director (Practice Manager)

Tara Claire Memery Director (Practice Manager)

Tara Claire Memery - Director

Working in clinical and patient administration in the health industry in Private Allied Health Practices, Public Hospital Emergency Departments and as Sessional Suites Practice Co-ordinator in a multidisciplinary practice at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital,  Tara Claire has extensive knowledge and experience in not only working in health administration but also running and co-ordinating practices. Tara Claire has an insatiable drive to improve her current skill set and to acquire more skills. Tara Claire's thrive in patient focused positions and high pressure, high variability environments.

In her career Tara Claire has found that she works extremely well under pressure and understands that within any team or business, continuous communication and collaboration is paramount to achieving the desired goals and to ensure the best possible patient care. She is a strong believer that building and designing well documented business processes ensures a smooth running workplace and ensures that all parts of a company are working to their full potential.   Below are some testimonials you can check out from specialists that she has previously worked with during her career. Because at the end of the day Tara Claire is the product, her abilities and her talents, gives her the edge that will help your company grow. Also check out her linkedin : https://au.linkedin.com/in/tara-claire-memery-22072b44


Dr Jason Huang - Gastroenterologist MBBS, BMedSci, FRACP

Senior Lecturer (University of Queensland)

Interventional and Bariatric Endoscopist. 


"I have worked with Tara in both her role as medical receptionist and Sessional Suites Coordinator. Tara's role was one of administrative support and management of the Sessional Suites, meaning she was responsible for 15 - 18 specialists, using the sessional suites to run their clinics, and is well known for her managerial skills of medical secretaries and her ability to run multiple clinics concurrently. Tara is also very proficient in Genie the medical practice software. Tara was always a please to work with, bringing her excellent interpersonal communication skills, quick thinking and problem solving skills. Tara is professional and universally liked by all those who worked with her. She is highly dedicated to her work and would stay back after hours, unpaid to complete  the day's wok and clinic's for the benefits of parents and her doctors. Especially when the suites were short staffed, to ensure that patients received the best possible care. "

Dr Philip Robinson

Brisbane Rheumatology




“Tara worked as the practice co-ordinator at the St Andrew's War Memorial Hospital Sessional Suites where I have my private practice. Tara is an outgoing, friendly and social member of staff that goes out of her way to make sure people feel welcome and they have their problems addressed. In the 12 months we worked together, I observed Tara to have excellent front line skills at greeting patients, booking, billing and running the administration aspects of the suites.”


Dr Rishen Naidoo

Cardiothoracic Surgeon

St Andrews War Memorial Hospital Sessional Suites


“Tara is an excellent co-ordinator. She efficiently multitasks and deals with patients and colleagues with respect and compassion. Co-ordinating multiple medical professionals takes a great degree of skill and patience - qualities she clearly possesses.”


Dr Michael Ottley

Bsc (Hons) MBChB (Hons) FRACS (Orth) FAOrthA

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Brisbane Hip and Knee Clinic


I have had the pleasure of working with Tara Memery over the last 3 to 4 years. She has always been extremely professional, courteous and hard working through that time. Not only has she reframed all work tasks and duties assigned to her but she has taken on extra responsibilities and sought out new avenues and education to improve and strengthen her skills and subsequently, therefore, also my medical practice. Tara has written practice protocols and methods to streamline and evolve all aspects of the working practice and has then taught these to other members of the team, improving office efficiency. She is also proficient in medical billing and chasing accounts and invoices. Tara works well within a team and is always easy to get along with. The feedback about her from my patients has only ever ben positive and extremely pleasing to hear. She does not shirk or avoid any work tasks given to her and has worked regularly well beyond her normal paid hours to complete important tasks without question or complaint.  I would have no hesitation in working with Tara again and would recommend her to anyone. 

Dr Kavinderjit Nanda

Gastroenterologist -  MBBCh. FRCP. MD. FEBGH. FRACP


“Tara’s role was one of administration support and also managing the sessional suites. She was responsible for approximately 15 specialists using the specialist consulting suites. She is proficient in the use of practice Management software’s and handling doctors billings. Tara is very pleasant to deal with and was liked by many doctors. She was professional at all times and showed a high level of dedication to her work. She would often stay back after hours to complete the days work especially when the suites were short staffed.”


Jeannette Brennan

Clinical Psychologist

Principal Brennan Services


Tara is a brilliant and trustworthy employee with over 10 years of experience in the health field. She has successfully been able to balance both full time study and full time work commitments through out her time at Brennan Services. 
Tara is extremely enthusiastic and dedicated to her work especially with patients. Her empathetic and caring nature helps her relate to patients and her co-workers. Tara has natural leadership abilities, thriving in both a team environment and autonomously. Tara has the unique ability to be able to be professional under any circumstances, and keep her cool under pressure. A combination of her psychology and business background makes her an asset as an employee.