The SASS Difference

SASS is an option for either specialist who are new to the private sector or are part time in the private sector, where the need for a full-time staffing and office space isn’t required. There is an annual fee for Medical Objects, and a monthly account for our services.

There is no hidden costs or surprises. Having SASS run your company remotely, gives it a professional image, without the costly overheads of having employees (super, payroll, tax, Workcover, etc.), fit out your own fixed practice address and giving you the flexibility to work anywhere, and have one of our lovely staff ensure your clinics are running smoothly.

SASS staff specializes in the use of Genie and Eclipse and are trained in several different systems (e.g. Total Care, Clinic to Cloud, Medical Directory, Cerner) to ensure that we can give the best possible service to our specialists. We also employ an experienced offsite medical typist.

SASS Introduction Video


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